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"Mozzarella in a carriage" on a stick

Mozzarella in carrozza is a typical sicilian dish.

Ingredients for 4 sticks

  • 8 slices of white bread

  • 4 anchovy fillets

  • 80 gr of crumbled mozzarella (the one for pizza is ideal because it releases less liquid)

  • 3 eggs

  • Bread crumbs

  • 1 glass of milk

  • salt

Plenty of peanut oil for frying

Cut the edges of the bread slices until you get 8 rectangles of the same size (more or less 5.5 x 7 cm). Put the mozzarella on 4 slices, an anchovy fillet in the centre and "close" with the other 4 slices of bread. Press the edges of the sandwich firmly to close it. Pass everything quickly in the milk, then in the beaten egg and finally in the breadcrumbs. Fry the mozzarella in carrozza in abundant boiling oil until golden. Season with salt, stick with a stick and serve hot.

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