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Whole wheat Pasta with Cauliflower Garlic and Chilli

Compared to "white" pasta, whole wheat pasta has fewer calories, many proteins and double the fibre which slows down the absorption of carbohydrates gives a greater sense of satiety and help intestinal transit. Excellent source of vitamins of group B and E


  • 300 gr of wholemeal pasta in the preferred format (I used farfalle, but fusilli, shells and all shapes that "collect" the sauce are fine too)

  • One kilogram white cauliflower

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • garlic, chilli, salt

  • parsley

Put a pot of water to boil. As soon as it boils, add salt and dip the previously washed and cleaned cauliflower, making sure to keep only the tops. Bring to the boil again and after five minutes add the pasta. Drain the pasta and cauliflower one minute before the end of cooking recommended on the package, making sure to keep a little bit of cooking water and transfer it all in a large pan where you have already added 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with three cloves of garlic and chilli (to taste). Sauté the pasta, adding a little of the stored water to prevent the pasta from becoming too dry and to allow it to cook properly. Remove the garlic and garnish with chopped parsley and chilli (to taste)

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